Roles of Officials

The Referee shall enforce all the rules of FINA and Australian Swimming and adjudicate protests related to the competition in progress.  At the commencement of each event the Referee signals swimmers by a long whistle indicating they should take their positions on the starting block.  When the officials and swimmers are prepared for the start, the Referee shall gesture to the Starter indicating swimmers are under the Starter’s control.  The Referee has the authority to disqualify any competitor for any violation of the rules that s/he observes or which is reported to him/her by other authorised officials.  At the completion of each event, the Referee signals swimmers by a short whistle to clear the pool.

The  Starter  has  full  control  of  the  swimmers  from  the  time  the  Referee  turns  the swimmers  over  to  him/her  until  the  race  has  commenced.  The Starter has the power to decide whether the start is fair.  If the Starter does not believe the start is fair, s/he will recall the swimmers.  However, after one false start has occurred the Starter will not recall the swimmers.  When starting an event the Starter stands on the side of the pool within five (5) metres of the starting edge of the pool where the time keepers can see the starting signal and the swimmers can hear the signal.

The Announcer keeps swimmers, officials and spectators informed of the proceedings to maintain interest in all aspects of the Club competition.  Club Executive Committee members / Club Officials and the Referee may direct certain announcements to be made to assist in the conduct of the swim meets.

The Chief Timekeeper assigns the seating positions for all timekeepers and the lanes for which they are responsible. There shall be one timekeeper for each lane.  The timekeepers will use the automatic timing system in place at the Morningside State School pool.   Timekeepers must be aged 16 years or over.

The Club Captains supervise the conduct of all competing members at all Club swims.  They make it their duty to know all Club members and act as liaison officers between swimmers and the Executive Committee.

The Computer Operator maintains the Club database system of members, swim times and points.  The Computer Operator provides prints for competition nights, carnival selections, points, championships eligibility and heats.  Swim times are entered and points calculated weekly.

The Senior Official on club nights is the MSSASC Committee Chairperson/President or Deputy Chairperson/Vice President.