Club Night — Tuesdays

IMGP0969On Tuesday nights, gates open at 5.30pm for a warm up and free swim before races begin.

Noodle races are always held first for our youngest swimmers followed by the longer distance event, the 12.5 m events and then the 25, 50 and 100 metre events. Club night usually finishes at about 7.45/8pm.

Have the night off from cooking dinner, as we organise a BBQ, chicken kebabs, hot dogs, sushi and a home-cooked meal of the week.

Drinks, healthy snacks and baked goods are also available.

Please remember that nominations close at 5 pm Friday before club night. Swimmers should be nominated for the following week’s races based on events swum the previous week unless they have graduated to a longer distance.

Points are awarded each time a swimmer competes on Tuesday nights according to their time compared to their personal best, rather than where they place in the race (see Club Rule 17).  These points are recorded and totaled at the end of the season. The season concludes with a presentation at the end of Club Championships where the season is celebrated and swimmers are awarded for their achievements through the year.

The club also provides the opportunity for children to compete against their peers of the same age through inter-club carnivals throughout the year and our intra-club Club Championships carnival held at the end of the season.



Your children are your responsibility.  Please look after them and make sure they abide by the Club Rules.  All children are to have a parent or guardian present when they are attending a club event.

Please note that children are not to be dropped at the pool and left unsupervised.



Clubs such as ours can only operate effectively if there are enthusiastic worker bees to call upon. The club’s committee members all have a strong interest in the club by being parents and worker bees themselves. We reckon the kiddos will enjoy the experience of swim club all the more if they see their big people showing a similar interest in them and the club.

All members, parents/carers will be expected to pick up a job several times throughout the season. A roster will be drawn up for: time keeping, marshalling, computer operator, canteen, BBQ and cooking of meal of the week. If you are unable to attend on your rostered night please arrange for a replacement.



Before leaving each Tuesday night please pick up any rubbish lying around in the grandstand or the pool area in general. It will enable everyone to get home earlier. Please also make sure you have all your belongings including towels, goggles and swimmers. Lost property ends up going home with a committee member so the less the better! It’s a good idea to clearly label all belongings that come to club nights.