Message from the Chair

Welcome to the 2019/20 swimming season at Morningside Flyers!

One of my earliest happy memories of school was of swimming club. Growing up in Queensland will do that to you — what nicer than a cool swim on a hot summer night, and hanging out in your togs poolside with your friends.

Then there’s the yummy canteen food and just maybe, if someone lets you, a bag of lollies or a treat for a particularly super effort in the pool, or just behaving yourself between races!

My parents were always a fixture at our swimming club — mum always part of the organising committee and dad calling the races. Times have changed (eg. this year a mum will most likely be calling the races!) but the point of swim club remains the same: to swim, swim some more, and whether or not you break any records to have fun doing it!

We parents who make the effort every Tuesday know that as much fun as it is catching up with other adults, we’re mainly there to help our kids swim better, socialise better and enjoy themselves — we’re doing it for our kids.

On that basis we on the 2018 executive committee look forward to all club members (the adults, that is) giving some of your time every so often to do a job or two around the pool — whether it be timekeeping, helping out in the canteen or on the BBQ, marshalling the noisy hordes before their races, or packing up at the end of the night.

We’ll be putting out the volunteer roster as soon as we have memberships finalised. Please let us know in advance if you have a preferred task, or indeed if there’s something you’ve been nominated for that you can’t do. We can probably help organise a swap.

Each season we participate as a club in several carnivals. Despite being a ‘nursery’ club (in that the majority of our members attend a Primary school), we feel it is important that our swimmers attend and participate in as many carnivals as they can. It enables them to compare their talents and development against other swimmers and also engenders a strong club spirit. We host the Southside Carnival each November and ask that all members come along and join in the day.

If you are unsure about how things work around the club, please feel free to approach any of the committee members and ask away. They’re usually wearing the blue Flyers committee shirts.

We’re really pumped for the 2019/20 season and hope you are too!

Swim on!