Club Rules


1.  Applications for Membership should be made on the membership form at the designated sign on night or through prior arrangement with a Committee member. Applications are accepted throughout the season at the Committee’s discretion. The Flyers Season starts in Term 4  and finishes at the end of Term 1.

2.  Membership must be approved by the Committee upon full completion of the membership form and payment of fees.

3.  Any Member who is also a Member of another swimming club should notify the Committee at the time of application for Membership.

4.  As a club, we are proud to lead the way in ensuring safe and harassment-free sport for all of our competitors, coaches, officials, administrators, volunteers and supporters. The Member Welfare Policy of Swimming Queensland applies to all competitors, coaches, officials, administrators, volunteers and supporters of this club. This includes and is not limited to Complaints Processes, Breaches, Child Welfare and Codes of Conduct.


5.  The Club’s competition night will be each Tuesday of the publicised Swim Season. An adult or nominated guardian must attend with ALL children.

6.  Noodle swims will be the first event followed by the longer distance event (100m or 200m IM or 200m Freestyle), the 12.5 metre events and then the 25, 50 & 100 metre events.

7. Competition will be over three strokes swum on a rotational basis from all four. For Members renewing their membership from the previous season, Personal Best times (PBs) will carry over from the previous season. New Members (and Members not having swum competitively the previous season) must swim a 25 metre time trial on the first occasion they swim in order to establish a base time. Visiting swimmers may swim by invitation, no time trial is necessary and no points or championship eligibility will be awarded (limited to one visit before membership required).

8. Competitive swimmers must be able to complete 25 metres.

9.  Swimmers may compete in a maximum of four  (4) swims each competition night (one swim in each of the rotated 3 out of 4 strokes plus one Individual Medley or 200m Freestyle). Where 50 and 100 metre distances in the same stroke are scheduled, swimmers are encouraged to swim the greater distance (provided they are eligible for the 100 metre swim). Note Club Championship rules regarding eligibility to compete in the 100 metre events in the Club Championships. The Committee may change the order or number of swims on a particular night if considered necessary or desirable. 200 metre Freestyle swims are also available for swimmers who have qualified for 100 metres Freestyle.

10. All 12.5, 25 and 50 metre swimmers should attempt to graduate to swims of a greater distance. Once a swimmer has swum inside the set time limit for that stroke and distance, the swimmer automatically graduates to the next greater distance in that stroke. Graduates will be announced on the club night that they graduate. Swimmers who have graduated in a particular stroke are not able to re-enter the lesser distance events in that stroke unless with the Committee’s approval. If the Committee approves a lesser distance to be swum in that stroke, no points will be awarded for races at that distance in that stroke.


Stroke 12.5m limit 25m limit 50m limit
Freestyle 15.0 seconds 25.0 seconds 42.0 seconds
Backstroke 15.0 seconds 27.0 seconds 46.0 seconds
Breaststroke 15.0 seconds 30.0 seconds 50.0 seconds
Butterfly 15.0 seconds 24.0 seconds 40.0 seconds

11.    12.5 metre swimmers may graduate to 25m swims irrespective of graduating time limits at the committee’s discretion. Please speak to a committee member if you think your child is able to swim 25 metres unaided. Swimmers can mix 12.5 and 25 metre swims (for example 25 metres in freestyle and 12.5 metres in all other strokes).  Points are only awarded for 25m or greater events.

12.    To be eligible to compete in the 100 metre Individual Medley, a swimmer must have graduated to 50 metres in two of the four strokes. To be eligible to compete in the 200 metre Individual Medley, a swimmer must have graduated to 50 metres in all four strokes.

13.    Any swimmer graduating from 25 to 50 metres will transfer all points he/she has gained in the season to the new event into which he/she graduates. Points for 50 metre and 100 metre events are combined.

14.    Swimmers or parents of swimmers must nominate weekly through their swim portal by 5pm on the Sunday before a Tuesday Club Night. Swimmers not nominated WILL NOT SWIM. Nominations should be adjusted for graduating swims in the previous week.

15.    In order to avoid unnecessary vacant lanes please email the nominations secretary up until 4pm club night in the event of last minute absence. This will ensure club nights operate as time efficiently as possible.

16.    A Personal Best time (PB) can only be attained at an official Club night. Times attained at Championships or at Carnivals are not official club PBs.

17.    Points will be awarded for every Club night swim correctly completed (excluding 12.5 metre swims) as follows (up to and the second last club night of the season when the final points swim is swum):

More than 2.5 seconds slower 1
Between 1.6 and 2.5 seconds slower 2
Less than 1.6 and up to 0.6 seconds slower 3
Less than 0.6 seconds faster or slower 4
From 0.6 to less than 1.6 seconds faster 5
Between 1.5 and 2.5 seconds faster 6
More than 2.5 seconds faster 7

18. Swimmers who are absent from Tuesday night club due to compulsory school events are to notify  nominations by email at by 5pm the day before (Monday) club night. Two points will be awarded for each swim provided they have swum regularly in the stroke and distance.  Maximum of two per season.  This is the only instance in which points will be awarded for non-attendance.

19. If the competition night has to be cancelled due to extreme (eg lightening; high winds) weather or any other reason, an announcement will be made via Club email, TeamApp and or Facebook by 5:30pm. If a club night is cancelled, four (4) points will be awarded per swim only to swimmers who were due to attend that club night and had not notified us of absence.

20. On the 2nd last club night of the season, all 9 Year old event swimmers swim 50m freestyle and 10 Year old (and older) event swimmers  swim 50m in all 4 strokes regardless of whether they have achieved the graduating time limit. This allows swimmers to practice the distance they will be swimming at Club Championships EVEN IF THEY HAVE NOT QUALIFIED.